Aqualis expedition / Alexander Semenov

Aqualis expedition / Alexander Semenov  est un projet de 3 ans à travers les océans, à la découverte de fabuleuses créatures.
Alexander Semenov qui fait de magnifiques photographies sous-marine en est l’auteur et a besoin de votre aide afin de financer cette aventure…

Participez et partagez !


Aquatilis Expedition – an epic underwater journey through the world’s oceans, set to explore the world’s most extraordinary creatures (More photos and videos! And a lot of other stuff to amaze and entertain the whole world of curious people).

Even $5 will be helpful for us – we need to start repairing our vessel this summer and this campaign is the only chance. You can get cool full-sized photo of your choice and much more for bigger contribution. More is better We’re not asking for big money, but for us your support is really important.


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