Prince Fluffy Kareem help horses – donkeys and camels in Egypt

Prince Fluffy Kareem help horses – donkeys and camels in Egypt –

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Ca fait un moment que je suis leur page sur Facebook et ils font un travail formidable, un exemple parmis d’autres – comme pour cette jument arrivée dans un état pitoyable dans leur asso (voir photo ci-dessous).
Elle n’était pas vouée de par son état à être maman… car souffrant de calcification dans ses pattes avant et d’atrophie musculaire du fait d’avoir été gravement émaciée.

Pour la « Fête des Mères » fêtée aujourd’hui dans certains pays, ils ont reposté la video de la naisssance de son poulain ! Une vraie émotion (dont j’ai pompé la video, j’espere qu’ils ne m’en voudont pas ! :)
Je copie-colle de même leur texte ci-dessous (en anglais) de l’époque où ils l’ont accueilli, expliquant la situation.

Prince Fluffy Kareem help horses, donkeys and camels

Prince Fluffy Kareem help horses, donkeys and camels

I hear it’s mother’s day today, so thought it would be fitting to re-share this video of Mama Na3na3 giving birth! For those new to the page: Na3na3 became pregnant by accident after the landlord’s stable workers (who were responsible for cleaning our stables at the time) managed to put her in the menage with a stallion. We had no idea she was pregnant until we suddenly discovered her teats were enlarged. We got the vet to come and do ultrasound, and he told us she was 5 months pregnant. After lots of tears and swearing and consultations with several vets abroad, we were told that no, it’s too late to abort the foal, but also assured that being pregnant and giving birth would not affect Na3na3’s health – she has calcification in the fetlocks in her front legs and muscle atrophy from having been severely emaciated when we bought her. 

When her teats started dripping milk, we realized the vet had been mistaken, and she was actually two months further along than originally assumed. After many days and nights on constant foal watch she gave birth just the night we weren’t intending to stay awake. We were accidentally on the land at night because of a sick foster horse that we were giving IV fluids, and just as we finished up and closed the lights, Na3na3’s water broke. Her foal was called Tayyar (which translates roughly to « someone who flies »), and after he was born I had post-natal depression for weeks. I hadn’t wanted a foal, and I felt overwhelmed with guilt and responsibility for a new life. I didn’t touch him and didn’t cuddle him. However, he grew on me slowly by being the kindest and gentlest foal ever. All the others are really cheeky, but Tayyar is the perfect gentleman and only wants to be brushed or cuddled. Before he was born, people were telling me Na3na3 would be happy to be a mum, and I thought « what a load of sentimental crap – that’s just instincts ». But I have to say, I really do believe she is enjoying motherhood. She is a people’s horse, and doesn’t like any other horses so she was always a bit lonely. She loves all the extra attention that comes with having a foal, loves to be with her son, and she has even taken on our two rescue foals Weeble and Blossom – they are the only ones allowed to eat with her. She looks like she has triplets when they are all going around in a herd  So happy, happy Mother’s Day to all of you two-legged and four-legged mothers!


Every day we receive messages from people all over the world asking « How can I help? » , for which we are endlessly grateful. Our basic monthly expenses for wages for Sherif and the stableworkers, stable rent, feed and medications are currently approximately $2500, this is in addition to the new land rent of $1500 a month and the medication for the horses that attend the PFK clinics. We rely mostly on donations and would never be able to do what we do without our amazing supporters.

Contributions can be sent via Paypal to (Preferred currency is GBP but this PayPal account will accept all currencies)

Bank transfers:

NB: If you are making a donation or setting up a regular payment to any of these following accounts please could you reference the payment with PFK (and then your name so that we will see who the payment is from)

UK Residents can use the (PFK) account of Emma Thompson: Natwest Sortcode 524142 Account Number 48150428

Australians can use the (PFK) account of S. Foley PFK Fundraising: IMB bank BSB 641 800 Account number 200677481

NB: It is possible to make an international transfer to the UK account IBAN: GB86NWBK52414248150428, BIC: NWBKGB2L but please check with your bank as sometimes international bank transfers can incur heavy fees!

We get many messages from followers who would like to send us used tack. Due to the very unreliable Egyptian postal system as well as customs wanting taxes and bribes, it is not possible to post items directly to us in Egypt. To ensure delivery all items must be couriered in by someone visiting Cairo, usually Marte from Norway or Emma from England. Due to limited luggage allowance we prioritise wound treatment products, wormers, fluffy nosebands and girth covers. If you would like to send something, please send us a message to get the address.

Other things you can do to help:

– Spread the word! Share our Facebook page and our website. The more awareness for the cause, the better.

– Hold a fundraiser for Team Kareem! Many of our supporters have held cake stalls, auctioned off used tack or their own drawings and paintings, and one eager fluffeteer even held a Breakfast Barbeque Fundraiser in his office!

Thank you to everyone for joining, for reading, for commenting, for sharing the page, for fundraising, for donating, we could never have done this without you!


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