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  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture Naissance des Drakkars2 – Greffe de cerisier – pigments
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture Sola Rosa – Racine de filaire – Pigments
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture Archipel – Loupe de robinier
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture Bal des Oiseaux – Racine de pistachier
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture Kind of Blue – Cornouiller – pigments
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture Eight Dreams – Loupe d’arbousier
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture the seed – Loupe d’Acacia
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture La graine – Loupe d’Acacia
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture Pavillon de la mer – Micocoulier
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture Pollens – Micocoulier
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture Sirocco – Loupe d’acacia
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture The elegance of Pelagie – Pistachier
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture Tous Ensemble – Loupe d’erable
  • Alain Mailland – Sculpture Vent d’Automne – Nerprun

Sculptures végétales de Alain Mailland

Sculptures poétiques et végétales de Alain Mailland (fr) /
Poetic and vegetale sculptures Alain Mailland

Alain Mailland - Sculpture La graine - Loupe d'Acacia

Alain Mailland – Sculpture La graine – Loupe d’Acacia

« Les sculptures que vous pourrez découvrir dans ce site sont pour moi, une façon de célébrer la vie et les merveilles secrètes des loupes et racines du midi.
Tourneur spécialisé dans le creusage du bois vert,  je tourne des pièces fines aux formes végétales ou marines.
Je sculpte ensuite ces ébauches pour obtenir des créatures hybrides, végétales, animales ou cosmiques… »

Beautiful and luminous Tree Installation – Tom Price

Beautiful and luminous Tree Installation – Tom Price

Tom Price - Trees Installation

Inspiration for this installation came from the iconic cherry trees of Washington DC. Tom Price constructed a series of sweeping sculptures out of polypropylene tubing, referencing the shapes of the trees and their blossoms. The result was a unique, immersive and site-specific installation, taking over an entire room of Industry Gallery, Washington DC.

Polypropylene tubes, nylon cable ties, ultra fine stainless steel wire rope.

Tree of Life poster

Tree of Life poster !

The lives of animals revolve around their living space, the rainforest. And since animals are not able to speak for themselves, the destruction of their habitat leaves them suffering in silence. 
This unique poster aims to highlight the responsibility we have in letting animal species thrive in their natural environment—we have a choice whether or not to preserve nature and let it grow. Specially designed to assert this crucial message, it forms the basis of social attitudes towards Mother Nature for the many people out there who want to make a difference in our world.

tree of life_Poster print

tree of life_Poster print


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