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  • Lucian – rachel lauren photography- chien loup
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  • Lucian – le chien qui se prenait pour un loup
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  • Lucian – rachel lauren photography – chien loup

Lucian – le chien-loup !

Qui ne connait pas ce magnifique visuel de Lucian – le chien-loup ! !? (croisement d’un chien et d’un loup au Texas)
Chien-Loup dont vous pourrez louer les services dans l’Ohio.


The life of an Ambassador Wolf in Central Ohio. My name is Lucian, but you can call me Lu. I’m an Upper Mid Content Wolfdog from Texas, was adopted in May 2012 and now living the life in Ohio. My mom is a pro canine photographer and I am learning to love the camera :) Her fellow photographer friends love photographing me too!

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