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  • James Guppy – An Embrace of Swallows  – 2012  acrylic on linen  120 x 180 cm
  • James Guppy – fallen angel
  • James Guppy – The Offering – 2010 acrylic on linen 137 x 92 cm
  • James Guppy – Miscreants burden -2012  acrylic on linen  137 x 92 cm
  • James Guppy – Mazeppa – 2010 acrylic on linen 122 x 92 cm
  • James Guppy – Death and the Maiden – 2010 acrylic on linen 183 x 122 cm
  • James Guppy – Dakini- 2012 acrylic on linen  180 x 90 cm
  • James Guppy – Paintings

Narrative paintings of James Guppy

Narrative paintings of James Guppy, born in London (1954). Live and work in Australia.

James Guppy - Paintings

Guppy’s powerful and enigmatic narrative-based paintings travelled to eleven different locations in Australia in a national solo touring survey show (2009 – 11). Throughout his career, Guppy’s subject matter has varied from surreal moments, scenes of suspense, explosion clouds, formidable women and anthropomorphic beings, all executed with a refined and intelligent approach, appearing both dramatic and lifelike.

  • Catherine Nelson, Danube dusk
  • Catherine Nelson,  danube day
  • Catherine Nelson, mission_1
  • Catherine Nelson, spring blossoms
  • Catherine Nelson, the_kings_garden
  • Catherine Nelson, danube dusk
  • Catherine Nelson – mareeba
  • Catherine Nelson – ghent-winter

Panoramic photographies de Catherine Nelson

Panoramic photographies de Catherine Nelson ! Comment dire… Magnifique !!

Panoramic photography

Catherine Nelson, spring blossoms

Catherine Nelson is a visual artist who uses the digital medium to paint images together into personal and imaginary landscapes. Trained as a painter in Sydney and London and with years of experience in the creation of visual effects for feature films like Moulin Rouge and Harry Potter, she now has dedicated her skills to her own art work combining the techniques from both these worlds into a new contemporary art medium.

Her latest series have been exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea, USA and Europe and have captivated audiences and art collectors in cities like Sydney, Paris, Los Angeles, Beijing and Seoul.

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