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  • Sonya Fu – Digitale art
  • Sonya Fu – Digitale art
  • Sonya Fu – Digitale art
  • Sonya Fu – Digitale art
  • Sonya Fu – So Close Yet So Far Away – Digitale art
  • Sonya Fu – temptation_2 – Digitale art

Sonya Fu digitale art

Sonya Fu digitale art, spleen art – Visual artist from Hong Kong

“Art is a powerful visual language and creating art is a calming and therapeutic process. I would like to share with people my dreamscape, its beauty and its oddity. It might be an eerie creature, a whimsical scenery or a disturbed beauty who speaks words of wisdom – they are all embodiments of my subconscious mind. If my work manages to stir emotions and provoke thoughts, then I am doing the right thing as an artist – creating and conveying emotion.” says Fu.

Sonya Fu – Digitale art

3D Lenticular work – “So Close Yet So Away” (2015) at AP Contemporary’s booth, Art Busan 2015, South Korea

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